Accessible Systems, Inc., a woman-owned small business, provides expert consultation and support to global organizations, federal agencies, IT manufacturers and individuals with disabilities regarding information technology accessibility.
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Accessibility Statement

At Accessible Systems, Inc., we are working toward a more accessible world every day, so it is important to us that our website be at the forefront of web accessibility, not only because web accessibility is a key aspect of our services, but also because we employ people with disabilities who must be able to access the information on our site.

Few other websites in the world are as accessible as ours. Yet, contrary to popular wisdom about accessible websites, our site is anything but uninteresting in its design. Below, we have listed the accessibility features of our website. If you have any difficulty using this website, please let us know at

Shortcut Keys

  • Most browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on the site. In Windows, press ALT + an access key; in Macintosh, press Control + an access key. The Accessible Systems, Inc. website defines the following shortcut keys:
    Access key a
    Access key b
    Accessibility Statement
    Access key c
    Access key h
    Access key l
    Access key m
    Access key p
    Access key r
    Access key s

Standards Compliance

Visual Design

  • Cascading stylesheets are used for visual layout of this website, but the site will still be fully usable if your browser does not support stylesheets.
  • Relative font sizes allow the user to choose a desired text size in many visual browsers.

Manual Testing

  • This website has been tested extensively to ensure that it is accessible to the greatest number of people. Our expert testers with disabilities have tested each page using assistive technologies to ensure we have addressed as many needs of our clients as possible.


  • Text equivalents describe the content of Flash movie to screen reader users.
  • For users without the Flash plugin, an accessible page provides equivalent movie content along with a link to download the plugin.


  • ALT text is provided to give non-visual browser users a descriptive meaning for all images on this website.


  • Accessible tables are featured in the Disability Statistics page of this website. Screen reader users are able to note the column and row relationships of the data presented. Few other websites include accessible tables.
  • Tables are used only in the presentation of tabular data (as in the Disability Statistics page). Tables are not used in the layout of this website.


  • Field names are marked as labels, making the form more accessible to screen reader users.


  • Links are written to make sense when read out of context, allowing users of browsers such as JAWS, Home Page Reader, Lynx, and Opera to extract a list of links on each page.
  • No links on this website open new browser windows.
  • For more information about web accessibility, please visit our Resources page, which contains a list of Web accessibility resources.
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